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Please Note: The latest version of RMPrepUSB and downloads for Tutorials are in the Beta Downloads section.

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New version stores your favourite configurations and can also  create an ext2 file which is mountable as a linux filesystem  - includes new unique bugfixed version of grubinst.exe which fixes a long-standing MS-DOS-related bug in grub4dos (only available with RMPrepUSB). No dependency on RICHTX32.OCX or WMI so will work on BartPE/Hirens/UBCD4WIN. New feature - just hit F11 to test booting from your USB drive using the new QEMU emulation feature.  

Before you download and go, why not have a look around this site (or save it as a favourite so you can come back later)? 

<<<<<<<<<<<    Check out the tutorials before you go - you might find something interesting!
The GRUB4DOS Tutorial is quite popular.

Supported languages (all translations are kept in the \LANG folder):

  • Catalan - Translated by BennyBeat
  • Chinese Simplified.ini - Chinese WinPE Lover [tms2010] xiaohaizi02009
  • Chinese Traditional.ini - Chinese WinPE Lover [tms2010] xiaohaizi02009
  • English.ini
  • Espanol.ini - Translated By Octavio Martos
  • French.ini - Translated by Aiz
  • German - Translated by René Prieß
  • Indonesia Gaul.ini - Translated By Yudi Sitepu (MacTepu)
  • Indonesia Resmi.ini - Translated By Yudi Sitepu (MacTepu)
  • Italian.ini -   Translated By Wonko the Sane and edborg & bovirus
  • Nederlands - Translated by  Ivar Hendriks
  • Polski.ini -  Translated By Damian K
  • Portugues.ini - Translated By Greifell Borges
  • Romanian.ini - Translated By Sir Deiu
  • Russian.ini - Translated by dFine2k
  • Serbian.ini - Ivan Starchevicy
  • Swedish.ini - Translated by Virtual-R
  • TÜRKÇE.ini - Translated by members of

 RMPrepUSB can make a USB drive bootable, but some BIOSes may have problems. I recommend FlashBoot if you need to create a USB drive that will boot on 99% of systems. Please click here to test a trial version and see if it works for you.

Please note: The latest version is in the Beta Downloads section and has all the latest bugfixes (recommended)!

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Updated on Sep 7, 2011 by Steve Si (Version 166)

Install_RMPrepUSB_Lite_2.1.620REL.zip2.1.620 Lite Installer with only English PDF file -some support folders omitted.  For Portable version please use latest Beta Portable.Jul 25, 2011Steve Si(Version 4)
RMPrepUSB.pdfv2.1.620 PDF - all about USB booting!Apr 9, 2011Steve Si(Version 3)
RMPrep1.2.620.jpgApr 9, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
RMPrep1.2.620hlp.jpgApr 9, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
Install_RMPrepUSB_MultiLingualInstaller_2.1.620REL.zipv2.1.620 Full installer with all available translated PDF filesApr 9, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
version.txtControl file for the latest released version. The Update feature in RMPrepUSB loads this file to obtain the details of the latest available version.    Apr 9, 2011Steve Si(Version 29)
RMPrepUSB_Indonesia Resmi.pdfIndonesian PDF (refer to English version for latest changes)Dec 29, 2010Steve Si(Version 4)
RMPrepUSB_German.pdfGerman PDF (refer to English version for latest changes)Dec 29, 2010Steve Si(Version 4)
RMPrepUSB_French.pdfFrench PDF  (refer to English version for latest changes)Dec 29, 2010Steve Si(Version 5)
RMPrepUSB_Español.pdfSpanish PDF  (refer to English version for latest changes)Dec 29, 2010Steve Si(Version 5)
RMFormat and RMBootSect.zipUnsupported free utilities. RMBootSect has a similar function to that of MS bootsect.exe. RMFormat can be used to format USB volumes as NTFS under Windows XP.Aug 18, 2010Steve Si(Version 3)
RMPrepUSB_1.9.75.zipearly version Jul 10, 2010Steve Si(Version 4)

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