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For a list of the changes made in the Beta version see here.        
Download the latest Beta and source language files + files used in the tutorials from the file depository below.     

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New Beta !

Now can extract files directly from an ISO/IMG/ZIP/VHD/etc. to the USB drive.
File->USB can write VHD and other virtual disk images to the USB drive.

Try FlashBoot for 99% Bootability!

 RMPrepUSB can make a USB drive bootable, but some BIOSes may have problems. I recommend FlashBoot if you need to create a USB drive that will boot on 99% of systems. Please click here to test a trial version and see if it works for you.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< Check out the Tutorials before you go - you might find something interesting!
The  GRUB4DOS Tutorial is popular, and see the new Tutorials #30 and #43 
on how to have multiple Windows install ISOs all on the same USB flash drive.
Why not try booting Windows 7 directly from a USB drive - see Tutorial #47 for details!

Updated on Sep 7, 2011 by Steve Si (Version 187)

Tut43_FiraIso.zipTutorial #43 (updated 2011-7-20 for 64-bit support and includes HDD patch files - see #43 Addendum) - Boot Windows install ISO files via grub4dos and FiraDisk. Updated 12 Sep 2011.       Sep 12, 2011Steve Si(Version 12)
NT6_Fast_Installer.zipTutorial 47 - Install Windows to a USB hard drive. Run Installer.cmd as Admin to start the install.  v3 does not use USBBootWatcher.  With Bug fix for Bootsect.exe not found error (10-Sep-2011).Sep 10, 2011Steve Si(Version 8)
winvblock_v1.ima.gzTutorial #30 file (older version)Sep 3, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
winvblock.ima.gzTutorial #30 - WinVBlock driver disk with Intel chipset AHCI/RAID drivers combined (updated 2011-09-03 with latest Intel Storage Drivers 05/20/2011, 3, 2011Steve Si(Version 9)
RMPrepUSB628.jpgAug 25, 2011Steve Si(Version 1)
bmp2xpm.zipbmp2xpm.exe - converts a .bmp file to a .xpm file - See grub4dos tutorial #21Aug 19, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
grub_consplash_xpmgz.zipgrub_consplash_xpmgz.cmd - Drag-n-drop script to convert bmp/png files to xpm.gz files for grub4dos Tutorial #21 v2 for ImageMagick 6.7.1 and laterAug 19, 2011Steve Si(Version 3)
Install_RMPrepUSB_MultiLingualInstaller_2.1.627.zip2.1.627 - Instead of picking a folder to copy to USB after formatting, you can now pick an ISO file or ZIP/7Z/IMG/VHD file instead to be extracted  Aug 17, 2011Steve Si(Version 5)
rmsysinfo12g.zipRMSysInfo is a .hta file that runs under Windows. It displays useful information about your computer hardware and drivers. This zip file contains a self-extracting exe which merely extracts two files to a destination folder. Aug 16, 2011Steve Si(Version 4)
NT6_Fast_InstallerSP1.zipTutorial 47 Win7SP1 version - Install Windows to a USB hard drive. Run Installer.cmd as Admin to start.Aug 16, 2011Steve Si(Version 3)
GETMEM.zipTutorial #48 GETMEM - A DOS utility to check if your BIOS is reporting available memory incorrectly.  v1.5      Aug 16, 2011Steve Si(Version 10)
BootIt.zipBootIt.exe Lexar USB utility. This can 'flip the bit' in some USB controllers so that they report as a 'Fixed Disk' rather than Removable Media.Aug 14, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
Install_RMPrepUSB_MultiLingualInstaller_v2.1.623.zipv2.1.623 includesmore compatible FAT16 boot code and nw grub4dos with ## inline comment menu feature. See verson list for details.Aug 14, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
grldr_spacehashspace.zipgrldr which treats <space>#<space> as start of in-line comment 30 June 2011 versionJul 10, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
makepxe.zipTutorial #45 Make a WinPE3 image for PXE booting with this script. Copy it to your Tools\PETools folder after installing Windows 7 WAIK and run as administrator. Jul 4, 2011Steve Si(Version 3)
Kaspersky_Update_ISO_Pack.zipTutorial # 44 - Utility to update a Kaspersky Rescue Disk ISO with the latest definitions.Jul 2, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
Kaspersky_USB_Files.zipTutorial #44 - Files for use on a bootable grub4dos USb drive with a Kasperksy Rescue Disk ISO.Jul 2, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
README_GRUB4DOS.txtgrub4dos latest user guide - explains all commands with examples, etc.Jul 1, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
WINISO_ImDisk_32a.zipTUTORIAL #32 - files required to load Windows install ISOs (updated 2011-6-23) Jun 23, 2011Steve Si(Version 4)
WINISO.zipTUTORIAL #31 files (includes ImDisk) for running any Windows Vista/7/SVR2K8 ISO from a bootable USB drive.  Jun 22, 2011Steve Si(Version 4)
grldrgrldr - version which does not have the press DOWN 30 times and auto-timeout starts featureJun 19, 2011Steve Si(Version 2) see 'How to create a USB drive that will install any choice of Windows OS'. See Tutorial #2 for details.     Jun 14, 2011Steve Si(Version 4)
grubinst.zipgrubinst.exe v1.2 as used in RMPrepUSB v2.1.608b with two new patches for bug fixes  (fixes MS-DOS bootability bug when installing to PBR)Jun 14, 2011Steve Si(Version 5)
grldr.zipgrub4dos Beta version which allows a numbered menu.lst to work correctly. Now in latest Beta of RMPrepUSB anyway! Jun 14, 2011Steve Si(Version 4)
grldrstart.Sgrubinst.S source code with changes to add XOR AX,AX instruction to start of MBR for better BIOS compatibility. Jun 14, 2011Steve Si(Version 5)
SCANBIOH.zipSCANBIOH.exe - a DOS utility that searches BIOS ROM/RAM space for bytes and/or strings. Useful to find the location of the MAC address bytes or Mainboard Serial number.Jun 6, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
wenv.zipWENV grub4dos utility - see Tutorial #32 and #21 for details (updated 30 April 2011 with improved English readme and example RUN.bat and menu.lst.)Apr 30, 2011Steve Si(Version 3)
mtools-4.0.16-win32.7zmtools collection - Windows command line utilities to create and manipulate floppy disk images. See Tutorial #33 for info. Apr 26, 2011Steve Si(Version 3)
getbtdsk.zipGetBootDisk - makes a 1.44MB Windows ME MSDOS boot disk by extracting the image from one of your Windows dll files. Run GetBtDisk.bat to make a simple MSDOS bootable image file bootdisk.img. See Tutorial #33 for details.Apr 22, 2011Steve Si(Version 4)
RMPrepUSB620.docSource DOC file for RMPrepUSB.PDF v2.1.620 Apr 9, 2011Steve Si(Version 4)
RMPrepUSB_MultiLang.nsiMultilingual NSI installer fileMar 27, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
RMPrep1.2.620.jpgMar 27, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
RMPrep1.2.620hlp.jpgMar 27, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
RMPrepUSB.pdfv2.1.620 Beta PDF help file   Mar 27, 2011Steve Si(Version 9)
RMPrepUSB_Lite.nsinsi script to create a self-installing package - see Tutorial #19 for details.  Mar 27, 2011Steve Si(Version 5)
RMPrepUSB_Español.docLatest Spanish sourceMar 27, 2011Steve Si(Version 4)
RMPrepUSB_French.docLatest French source Mar 27, 2011Steve Si(Version 5)
RMPrepUSB_German.odtLatest German source docMar 27, 2011Steve Si(Version 3)
RMPrepUSB.nsinsi script to create a self-installing package - see Tutorial #19 for details. Mar 27, 2011Steve Si(Version 3)
SearchLogFilesPatch.zipReg Patch for Win 7 to enable searching text in .log files using Explorer SearchMar 23, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
PCIID.ima.gzDOS bootable floppy image which lists PCI IDs of the mass storage devices in a system - See Tutorial #30   Mar 2, 2011Steve Si(Version 7)
FinnixExtra.zipFinnixExtra - 2 files required to make a Finnix 100 bootable USB drive - see Tutorial #11 for details. If using RMPrepUSB v2.1.604 or 605 do not use the vesamenu.c32 file in this download - use the one already in the Finnix ISO.   Feb 27, 2011Steve Si(Version 9)
RMPartUSB.txtrmpartusb.txt Usage text file Feb 27, 2011Steve Si(Version 4)
showdrive.zipshowdrive.exe - Gives any new drive a drive letter if it does not already have one. As used on Hirens Boot CD. Included in 2.1.614 and later versions of RMPrepUSB.   Feb 27, 2011Steve Si(Version 7)
CRC32Calc.zipUtility to calculate the CRC32 checksum value of a file (for checking file versions and for checking corruption).Feb 26, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
NumLockOff.zipWindows app to turn off NumLock if it is on. Can be used at startup for notebooks that always have NumLock on when booted.Feb 19, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
SCSIUtilitySetup.zipTutorial #26 - Logix4u Windows SCSI Utility - sends and receives CDB commands (Inquiry, Read Capacity, etc.) to any SCSI/SAS/SATA/USB storage/iSCSI device under Windows) - see for the web site and latest version.Jan 18, 2011Steve Si(Version 4)
NUKE.zipUtility to completely erase your hard drive without needing to boot from any other media (no need for a CD or USB drive) - See Tutorial #25Jan 17, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
HDDERASE.img.gzFloppy boot image containing FreeDos and HDDErase Hard disk erase program - see Tutorial #25 Jan 16, 2011Steve Si(Version 4)
gfxboot.cfgtext gfxboot.cfg file - see Tutorial #21 for detailsJan 16, 2011Steve Si(Version 4)
HDDERASE.imgFloppy boot image containing FreeDos and HDDErase - see Tutorial #25Jan 16, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
grubinst.cmodified grubinst.c source file to fix PBR MSDOS bug Jan 2, 2011Steve Si(Version 5)
ntdetect.hex.txtHex text file of NTDETECT.COM with USB reset bugfixJan 2, 2011Steve Si(Version 2)
FIRADISK.GZfiradisk - see tutorial #24 for detailsDec 30, 2010Steve Si(Version 2)
RMSetResv1.1.zipRMSetRes - set your video adapter resolution from the command line (like SetRes) or to the auto-detected native resolution of your LCD screen. Type /? for usage details.   Dec 29, 2010Steve Si(Version 6)
pccmoscleaner.txzpccmoscleaner.txz - see Tutorial #14 for detailsDec 29, 2010Steve Si(Version 2)
gfxboot.zipGFXBoot files for a graphical grub4dos menu - see Tutorial #21 for detailsDec 29, 2010Steve Si(Version 2)
finnix.shExample Finnix script file suitable for use as the basis of making a bootable Recovery CD/DVD/USB. See Tutorial #11Dec 29, 2010Steve Si(Version 3)
esc.txtfile containing single [ESC] character for use with GFXMenu - see Tutorial #21Dec 29, 2010Steve Si(Version 3)
defaultspecial 'default' file used by grub4dos menus to save the default menu choice  - see Tutorial #21Dec 29, 2010Steve Si(Version 3)
211p2030.zipZSMC Webcam Win7 64-bit driver (Webcam with 6 LED lights and metal clip)Sep 9, 2010Steve Si(Version 2)