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RMPartUSB and RMPrepUSB were originally developed by the author for RM Education. RM have given their permission for these programs to be made publicly available and they are free for public use. Note that the downloads also contain some helper programs which are distributed under GPL licence.

So the basic terms of use for RMPrepUSB and RMPartUSB are:
  1. FreeWare, Closed Source, Propietary - free for private use by any individual
  2. Must not be distributed publicly (via any means both physical or electronic/web based) without RM's or the Author's permission
  3. Must not be sold (or included in a product which is sold) without permission from RM
  4. Source code is not available (though please ask if you require any help in specific areas)
  5. Can be used internally by commercial companies but should not be given to their customers or end users without permission/licensing agreement. End customers can be directed to this website if they wish to download it themselves.
  6. Patches, language files, etc. sent to the author/RM are considered clear for release and the property of RM.
  7. Use the software at your own risk. No responsibility can be taken for any data loss or other damage which these utilities may cause.
Explanation for licensing terms
RM are a commercial company, and as such they would not like other commercial companies to use this intellectual property to their competitive advantage.
RM wish to control the release and distribution of the software as it is RM's property. 
If you wish to distribute these utilities as part of your own solution, you must ask permission and make it clear to your end users that these utilities cannot be freely distributed or sold by commercial companies.
RM may charge a small licence fee if you wish to use these utilities as part of a commercial solution to supply to your end users/customers. Please email or contact the author for details. Only the RMPartUSB.exe and RMPrepUSB.exe programs will be covered by the licence - other 'helper' utilities are not covered and you must ensure you have the correct rights to use/distribute them by contacting the authors or checking their own licensing conditions (e.g. GPL). Only 'reasonable endeavours' support can be offered if the product is licensed by RM to a commercial organisation (try before you buy!).
Any private donations made to this website will go towards my favourite charity and such donations do not give rights to any form of licensing or access to the source code.
The author has spent much of his own time developing and improving the utilities with the help of many others from Boot-Land/ and private individuals who have been very generous with their help, time and advice.

Updated on Jul 24, 2011 by Steve Si (Version 17)