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Useful External Links (Windows 7 ISOs)

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I use DropBox all the time and highly recommend it and it is free! Install a DropBox folder onto your Desktop and anything you put in the DropBox folder is automatically copied to the 'Cloud' (i.e. the DropBox company file servers). If you also have a DropBox folder on your Office PC's Desktop then everything will appear in there too when you login to your Windows desktop and also any other PC/notebook you have. No more emailing files to yourself - it's all there in your DropBox folder! Just use the folder as your 'work' folder for any documents or software you are currently working on and they will always be available wherever you are.
Use this link to register and get an extra 250MB of storage free or watch a video to show you how useful it is. I use this every day and I highly recommend it!
Just be aware that if you use this at home, it can increase your 'download usage' significantly if you make large changes to the DropBox folder on a daily basis. This can eat into your ISP's monthly download allowance without you being aware of it!

Get £1000's worth of UK discounts and CashBack offers by signing up with FroggyBank - please use this link and when you use FroggyBank you will support Marie Curie Cancer Care at the same time as finding the best bargains, vouchers, offers and cashback offers available!

Download Windows 7 ISOs here
Download Windows 7 SP1 ISOs here
Windows 7 Enterprise 90-day trial here

com! magazine article featuring RMPrepUSB and 6 things you can do with a USB stick (in german)
LCID list (MS locale IDs)
FbinstTool - GUI + fbinst all in one exe!
FiraDisk ram disk driver
Various Volume Boot Records and OEM name field reference page
EASEUS free drive data recovery wizard (rescue/restore erased files from a formatted disk)
ODIN free opensource disk imager
eBid - the new and cheaper eBay - register using this link!
Tutorial to nLite your AHCI drivers into XP
How to modify the XP install CD files to boot and install XP from a USB drive (detailed step-by-step).
Produkey - displays MS Product Keys (e.g. Office or Windows 7/Vista/XP) used on your system. Shows OEM/Retail Product Keys  - may not display Volume Licence product keys.
Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder - similar to produkey - latest free versio DOES find Win 7 Product Keys (even though it says it doesn't!)
NSIS - Nullsoft Scriptable Install System - open source installer.
DPINST - install a driver from an INF file using the command line (xml flags and command line switches)
Use ChipGenius to identify which controller you have in your UFD - download here
Use iFlash list to find which Mass production Tool you need.
      Then choose the correct USB Mass Production (factory) tool to reprogram your UFD from here (russian site - use Google Chrome translation feature)
JetFlash Online Recovery Tool - download the tool and run it to repair your JetFlash UFD
PhotoRec - recover your photos from a trashed UFD or SD card. This can be a life-saver! 
Hirens Boot CD Download
ImDisk  (using ImDisk to install Win7/2008 from an ISO on USB here) - See how to use it in Tutorial #31.
QEMU Manager download
WinImage download
Prey - free Open Source based laptop tracker. This software reported my position (my house) and emailed me my photo taken by my laptop webcam and even gave a picture of my front door and garage via google street maps as well as my house number and postcode! It works by looking at WiFi access points near your laptop when you report it as stolen. Why not install it now. You can track your laptop by logging in to the website. Just make sure you leave a guest account with no password on your laptop so that the thief can log in, as it only tracks once someone logs in.
ISORecorder - makes ISO files (including bootable ones)
ISOWriter - burns ISO files 
CreateCD - writes CDs/DVDs from a command line
NT Command Shell Reference

CHS/LBA/Booting/linux - some good explanations in here of FAT32 types B & C and geometries 
RW - Windows 7 utility to access h/w PCI registers, SMBUS, ACPI tables, SMBIOS, memory, I/O, USB device registers, etc. - very useful
Article explaining why SSDs and Flash drives are much slower on writes than reads

The Art of Assembly Language Programming PDFs  (see Chapter 13 for BIOS and MSDOS calls) - excellent coursework from Yale University based on this

USB specs  
USB Mass Storage Class – UFI Command Specification
Universal Serial Bus Mass Storage Specification For Bootability
T10 main Table of Contents page with many links to specs.

SCSIUtil - SCSI/ATAPI CDB Command utility (send Inquiry, Request Sense, Read Capacity commands to your USB/SCSI device)

Having trouble finding a Win7 64-bit Driver for this webcam? I did! Also known as TriCom, DHTC, ZSMC, ViMicro, Intex Night Vision IT-305WC Drivers (5.0 mega pixels),ZS211 etc.

Updated on Sep 6, 2011 by Steve Si (Version 98)

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