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08 - Make a bootable USB drive for the SYMANTEC RECOVERY DISK

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  1. Download the ISO from here
  2. Extract the contents to a new folder on your hard disk (e.g. using SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive from here or any other ISO extraction/mounting tool)
  3. Run RMPrepUSB and select
    1. MAX size
    2. Volume label SRD or anything else you prefer
    3. WinPE v2 (BOOTMGR)
    4. NTFS
    5. Set to  your extracted folder and tick the Copy Files box
    6. Click Prepare Drive
  4. When finished Click on Eject
Now go try it!

Updated on Jul 24, 2011 by Steve Si (Version 14)

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sdr1.PNG - on Sep 26, 2010 by Steve Si (Version 1)

srd.PNG - on Sep 26, 2010 by Steve Si (Version 1)